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Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment, and Accountability Program  (ACTAAP)

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Improving Arkansas' Schools, Improving Arkansas' Tomorrow

The Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment and Accountability Program (ACTAAP) encompasses the state's
Smart Start Initiative
, which focuses on Grades K-4; the state's
Smart Step Initiative
, which focuses on Grades 5-8; and education for Grades 9-12. ACTAAP represents the culmination of extensive planning and discussion by Arkansas educators, policymakers, and school patrons. The authority to implement ACTAAP is firmly established in legislation by Act 999 of 1999. ACTAAP is a comprehensive system that focuses on high academic standards, professional development, student assessment, and accountability for schools.

To learn more about ACTAAP, please visit the links provided on this site. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please e-mail us at