ADE Director's Communication Memo Form

Memo Number : LS-06-001

Date Created : 08/12/2005


Co-op Directors
other: G/T Administrators/Coordinators and G/T Supervisors

Type of Memo: Regulatory
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Learning Services - Dr. Diana Julian, Assistant Commissioner
Program Approval for G/T Education

Regulatory Authority:
Ark. Code Ann 6-42-109

Contact Person:
Ann M. Biggers, Administrator

Phone Number:


Included with this memorandum are forms and instructions for preparing the 2005-2006 Application for Program Approval for Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education. The requested information provides a comprehensive description of gifted programs statewide, therefore, aiding the Arkansas Department of Education in assisting districts in providing appropriate and challenging educational opportunities for gifted/talented students throughout the state. This comprehensive description provides evidence verifying district compliance with state standards and assists the Office of Gifted/Talented in collecting information on education results, developments, and achievements in the field of gifted education in Arkansas.

This year, data for the federally funded Jacob K. Javits Grant, “Arkansas Evaluation Initiative” (AEI), must again be collected as it was from the 2002-2003 Program Approval Application. Therefore, to ensure reliability, original information that was requested on the 2002-2003 application, but since removed, has been added to this 2005-2006 application.

The total packet must be completed and returned, as all requested information is necessary to provide adequate evidence for program approval. Gifted and Talented student demographics, in addition to what is reported in this application, must be accurately reported on the APSCN October 15 Cycle 2 Report to complete program approval. One copy of the application should be sent to Ann M. Biggers, Administrator, Office of Gifted/Talented, #4 Capitol Mall, Room 203-B, Little Rock, AR 72201, on or before October 15, 2005. Be sure to retain a copy for district files.


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