ADE Director's Communication Memo Form

Memo Number : FIN-06-015

Date Created : 08/17/2005


Co-op Directors
other: Principals
Food Service Dir
Pre-K Coord/Teachers
Certifying Officials for Free & Reduced Price Eligibles

Type of Memo: Regulatory
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Fiscal and Administrative Services - Dr. Bobbie Davis, Assistant Commissioner
Oct. 1 Pre-School Reports for Enrollment and Free/Reduced Price Eligibles

Regulatory Authority:
7 Code of Fed Reg (CFR) 210.15 and Ark. Code Ann.§ 6-20-2305(b)(4)(B) and (f)(2) Ark. Code Ann. § 6-20-2303 (12)

Contact Person:
Barbara Smith or Wanda Shockey

Phone Number:


This memo is provided to clarify the reporting of pre-kindergarten (pre-K) enrollment and free/reduced-price eligibles. The federal funding source and state agency distributing funds for pre-K meals will determine the reporting method.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funds Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), Child Nutrition Unit (CNU), for federal child nutrition programs such as breakfast, lunch and afterschool snack for public school students. USDA funds Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services (ADHHS) for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Districts that operate pre-K programs can choose which state agency-operated USDA program will provide pre-K meals.

ADE - USDA Funded Meal Service Option:
If the pre-K students eat school meals in a public school and the school district claims reimbursement for these meals from CNU, ADE, the district will report all these pre-K students on APSCN Cycle 2 Reports 336 and 436.

ADHHS – USDA CACFP Funded Meal Service Option:
If pre-K students eat meals that are reimbursed by the ADHHS, CACFP program, do NOT report these students on APSCN Cycle 2. ADHHS will collect pre-k student enrollment and eligibles data via the ADHHS, Special Nutrition Unit reporting system.

CACFP pre-K students, who may be served Pre-K CONTRACTED MEALS by a public school, child nutrition department, SHALL NOT be reported on the APSCN Cycle 2.

Selection of a USDA-Funded Meal Service Option:
To prevent the possibility of duplicate claims for reimbursement to ADE and ADHHS, school district superintendents are cautioned to include both the district child nutrition director and pre-k staff involved in the service of pre-K student meals in the process to determine which food service option to select.

For assistance in making the decision as to which USDA program to utilize, see attached a comparison chart, “Pre-Schools in Public Schools USDA-Funded Food Service Options.” See page 2 to identify the pre-K programs that normally meet the criteria for participation in the ADE--funded USDA Child Nutrition programs.


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