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Memo Number : FIN-06-021

Date Created : 08/29/2005


Co-op Directors
other: All Principals
CN Directors
Determining Officials for Meal Benefits

Type of Memo: Regulatory
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Fiscal and Administrative Services - Dr. Bobbie Davis, Assistant Commissioner
APSCN Cycle 2 Report: Oct. 1, 2005 Enrollments and Free and Reduced-Price Eligibles

Regulatory Authority:
7 Code of Fed Regs (CFR) 210.15 and Ark. Code Ann. 6-20-2305(b)(4)(B) and (f)(2) (as amended by Act 2283 of 2005)

Contact Person:
Barbara Smith or Wanda Shockey

Phone Number:


School districts are required to report annually the enrollment and number of children eligible for free and reduced-price meals as recorded in the Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN) Cycle 2 Report. The count of enrollment and eligibles, referred to as the OCTOBER 1 REPORT, must be submitted during the period between October 1 and October 15, 2005.

Each school district must establish a CUTOFF DATE and TIME between the first and fifteenth of October for completion of the October 1 Report; and both the Child Nutrition Director and the APSCN Technology Coordinator must coordinate the responsibilities to reconcile data by the agreed deadline.


By no later than October 15, 2005, submit the following SIX items at the same time, by fax or by mail to the Child Nutrition Unit, Arkansas Department of Education (ADE):

1. SEPTEMBER Claim for Reimbursement
2. SCHOOL DATA– Signed Copies of the SIS rpt431 (K-12) (one for each school)
3. SCHOOL DATA – Signed Copies of the SIS rpt436 (one for only schools with pre-school programs)*
4. DISTRICT DATA – Signed Copy of the SIS rpt331 (K-12) (submit total for ALL K-12)
5. DISTRICT DATA – Signed Copy and SIS rpt336 (pre-K) (submit total for ALL pre-K or indicate ZERO STUDENTS when no pre-K)*
6. OTHER STUDENTS REPORT – ALL districts must submit this form SIGNED by the Superintendent.

The September claim for reimbursement  WILL NOT BE PAID WITHOUT the complete set of APSCN Cycle 2 Reports and Other Students Report.

*See Commissioner’s Memo FIN-06-015 for Pre-School APSCN Cycle 2 Reports.


All SCHOOL REPORTS (rpt431and rpt436), and all DISTRICT REPORTS (rpt331 and rpt336) MUST AGREE WITH THE FOLLOWING CHILD NUTRITION DOCUMENTATION of eligible Free and Reduced-Price Students BEFORE SUBMISSION to APSCN and the Child Nutrition Unit, Arkansas Department of Education (ADE).

For each student coded as eligible for free or reduced-price meals there must be:

· A currently approved household application on file, OR

· the student's name must be included on either the DIRECT CERTIFICATION list, OR

· the list provided by the HOMELESS liaison, OR

· the list provided by the MIGRANT coordinator.

These source documents must be retrievable by school regardless of the school district’s method for certifying eligibility, whether it is centralized or by school.


The APSCN SIS rpt431 and rpt436 School Reports DO NOT include OTHER STUDENTS participating in (1) Adult Education or (2) Students served REIMBURSABLE MEALS and enrolled in other districts, i.e., vocational education, alternative education or students from adjacent states. This separate “Other Student Report” must be completed by each district. If the district has no OTHER STUDENTS, complete this report by checking the “NOT APPLICABLE” boxes. THE SUPERINTENDENT’S SIGNATURE must be on this report to be accepted. To be processed, ALL September claims must have this report attached.


1. The physical count of free and reduced-price students and computer data must match eligibility source documents on file.

2. Student data entry at the school level should be stopped until the district reconciliation is completed and the report printed and submitted to APSCN.

If this is not done and new students are added, then the district data submitted to APSCN and the printed reports will not balance. When this data does not balance, the superintendent is required to justify this discrepancy in writing. The justification of discrepancies in enrollment or eligibles must include changes by school, grade level and gender of students.

3. All reports must be reconciled, printed and submitted to APSCN at the SAME TIME and on the SAME DATE.


PROVISION 2 districts will follow a completely different procedure. PROVISION 2 districts will be mailed individualized school and district level reports to complete. Contact assigned CN area specialists or Robert Ginder for questions.

Submit all required October 1 Reports and September claims,

BY FAX: 501-324-9505
Child Nutrition Unit, Arkansas Department of Education
Attn: Donna Ratliff
2020 W. Third, Suite 404
Little Rock, AR 72205

For additional information or questions, contact Barbara Smith, Robert Ginder, or Wanda Shockey at (501) 324-9502.


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