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Memo Number : COM-06-028

Date Created : 10/03/2005


Co-op Directors
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other: SIS Coordinators

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Yes
Section:   APSCN - Bill Goff, Director
APSCN Cycle Deadline Date Information

Regulatory Authority:

Contact Person:
Bill Goff

Phone Number:


The Cycle 2 deadline date of October 15 falls on a weekend this year. Therefore, the deadline will be extended to the following Monday, October 17, 2005. 

This has been the practice in past years, and will remain the “rule” for future cycles: When a state reporting cycle deadline date falls on a weekend, the date will be extended to the following Monday. Districts will not be considered late in reporting providing the cycle is submitted by the end of the day on Monday following any cycle deadline date that falls on a weekend.  

If a cycle deadline date falls on a state holiday, the deadline will be extended to the end of the next business day. 

All state reporting cycle documentation will reference the normal deadline dates (in the case of Cycle 2, October 15), in order to be consistent from year to year. This will avoid excessive editing and possible errors in the documentation by trying to change dates on those years when the deadline is extended due to falling on a weekend or a holiday.


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