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Date Created : 10/11/2005


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Section:   Research and Technology - Mr. James Boardman, Assistant Commissioner
Webcast for 4th and 5th Graders

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Kym Patterson

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Governor Huckabee has declared October to be Arkansas’ Cyber Security Awareness Month along with several national organizations.  On October 20, there will be an opportunity to teach Arkansas’ 4th and 5th graders about safe Internet practices by means of a program available by webcast, video tape or DVD.  The national webcast called Protecting Our Children on the Internet will consist of a play entitled Cyber Smart in Cyber Space geared toward the 4th and 5th grade age levels in which actors will perform a cyber security-related skit and children will be allowed to interact. The play will use content from CyberSmart!, an organization dedicated to teaching secure, responsible and effective Internet and computer use, and acted out with members of the Plays for Living organization, a nonprofit organization that utilizes live theater dramas to depict the real-life challenges and stresses many people face on a daily basis at work, at home and in the community.

The webcast will be a fun and interactive way for children to learn more about cyber security and how to be careful in using computers and the Internet. Specifically, the CyberSmart curriculum ( will educate the children on basic concepts including the following:

How cyberspace works;
Not sharing private information; 
Keeping passwords safe; 
Feeling comfortable communicating in cyberspace; 
What junk mail and viruses are; and 
Cyber manners/etiquette.

Plays for Living received the United States Presidential Distinguished Service Award, Golden Reel Award from the International Television Association, New York State Governor's Art Award, Theater World Award, and American Psychological Association Public Media Award.  Plays for Living has also had the honor of performing twice for dignitaries at the White House in Washington, D.C.

The webcast will take place October 20, 2005, from 12:00 noon until 1:00 p.m., and your school can participate in the webcast free by registering at .  Registration is limited so please register soon to view the webcast.  AETN is offering copies of the program after October 20.  Contact Ms. Barb Gunderson at (501) 682-4127 to order a tape or DVD.  The tapes will cost $8.00 and the DVD’s will cost $12.00. 


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