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Memo Number : FIN-06-041

Date Created : 10/26/2005


Co-op Directors
Secondary Principals
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other: Classroom Teacher

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: No
Section:   Fiscal and Administrative Services - Dr. Bobbie Davis, Assistant Commissioner
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Education

Regulatory Authority:
Act 799 of 2003 A.C.A. 6-16-1101

Contact Person:
John Kunkel

Phone Number:


This memo is to notify you that, in accordance with A.C.A. § 6-16-1101, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) has received $627,653 from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  These funds were generated from fines, fees and cost arising out of convictions of persons violating state laws protecting game, fish and wildlife.  The funds are to be distributed back to the counties where the offenses occurred.   

 A.C.A. § 6-16-1101 establishes guidelines for Fish and Wildlife Education programs.  The ADE, in consultation with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, shall establish school education programs for fish and wildlife conservation and for other purposes consistent with Amendment 35 of the Arkansas Constitution.  The act also requires the ADE to distribute funding to the counties where the offenses occurred.  Attached is the funding distribution by county.  Shortly the ADE will send the funds to the county Treasurer.  

 The statute requires the counties to distribute all of the funds to the school districts or conservation districts, or both, within the counties in the manner prescribed by ordinance of the county quorum courts.  The ADE defines that a school district shall be within the county where the primary administrative office is located.

The ADE in consultation with the Game and Fish Commission has approved the following programs:

 Educational Programs offered by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission that meet Conservation Education Criteria for Fine money allocations for Counties.

Wings Over Arkansas
                Contact: Kirsten Bartlow, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

 WILD Workshops
                Contact:  Pat Knighten, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission  (870) 917-2085

School Yard Habitats Site Development
                Contact:  Pat Knighten, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission  (870) 917-2085

Total Outdoor Teaching Experiences (TOTE)
                Contact Pat Knighten, Project WILD Coordinator
                Arkansas Game and Fish Commission   (870) 917-2085

On Target For Life- Archery/P.E. Program   (additional matching money is available through AGFC)
                Contact:  Joe Huggins, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission  (501) 223-6414

Hunter Education       
                Contact:  Joe Huggins, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission  (501) 223-6414                

 Boating Education
                Contact:  Bob Cushing, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (501) 223-6495 
                (Free program)

Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs
                Contact: Gordon Bagby, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission  (501) 223-6313

Arkansas Stream Team Program
               Contact:  Steve Filipek, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission  (501) 223-6369

4-H Responsible Environmental Stewardship Quest (RES-Q)
                Sponsored and Funded by AGFC, Arkansas 4-H, and U of A CES
                Contact: Burnie Kessner, Arkansas 4-H Center   (501) 821-6884

Nature Mapping
A partnership program with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service/ Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
                Contact: Burnie Kessner @ Arkansas 4-H Center, (501) 821-6884
                                Becky McPeak @ U of A Cooperative Extension Service (501) 671-2000

Specialized Conservation Education/Educator Training Workshops
A partnership with County Conservation Districts
 Contact:  Pat Knighten, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission  (870) 917-2085

Also, funds can be utilized to provide avenues for teachers/educators to take students on field trips to AGFC Nature Centers and Education Centers. 

Districts officials should contact the Quorum Court with suggestions concerning the best method of distributing funding provided by this statute..  The Department of Education does not have a role in the process of determining the allocation of the funding.  All questions concerning the individual county allocations should be directed to the Quorum Court.

 Funding received and expenditures for this program are restricted and must be reported using the REVENUE CODE 32260.  If funds are not used in a fiscal year, districts may carry the funding forward to be used for the purpose originally intended.  



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