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2006 Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship

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Margaret Amps

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The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) is pleased to announce the application process for the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program for 2006-2007. Although the funding for this year's awards is not complete, it appears that a minimum of sixty-two (62) scholarships will be offered in the amount of $1,500 to Arkansas public and private school students graduating in 2006.

Scholarship recipients will be selected on a competitive application basis within each of the four congressional districts in the state. To qualify for a scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a 2006 graduate of a public or private school or receive a recognized equivalent of a high school diploma
2. Be a resident of Arkansas
3. Be admitted to an institution of higher education
4. Demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and show promise of continued academic achievement

Screening of applications will be based on the following:

1. Superior academic proficiency as demonstrated by standardized test scores on the SAT and/or ACT or National Merit Scholarship
2. High school grades with emphasis given to honors, advanced placement, and concurrent college courses
3. Leadership ability
4. Involvement in school and community activities, including acquired skills and achievement outside the realm of the usual high school academic achievement
5. High goals and aspirations that reflect the promise of continued academic achievement

Program guidelines now require coordination of awards with other scholarships, grants, and loans that may be received by the student. No recipient may collectively receive scholarship awards, grants and loans in excess of the total cost of a year's attendance. Prior to funding of the scholarship award, the program administrator will coordinate with the Financial Aid Office at the recipient's college or university. Students who already have full scholarship awards or who will be attending military academies may not receive a Byrd Honors Scholarship.

Submit completed applications (with official seven semester grade transcript and verification of test scores) postmarked no later than Friday, February 17, 2006, or delivered to Room 107-A no later than Friday, February 17, 2006. Only scholarship recipients will be notified by mail.

Margaret Amps
Program Coordinator
Arkansas Department of Education
#4 State Capitol Mall - Room 107-A
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201


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