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Memo Number : RT-06-009

Date Created : 01/30/2006


Co-op Directors
other: All Principals
Distance Learning & Technology Coordinators

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Research and Technology - Mr. James Boardman, Assistant Commissioner
Distance Learning Equipment Grant Report 2

Regulatory Authority:
Acts 34 (ACA § 6-47-501 et.seq) and 96 of the 2nd Extraordinary Session of 2003 and the ADE Distance Learning Rules

Contact Person:
Belinda Kittrell

Phone Number:


The Distance Learning Equipment Grant Report 2 form is attached. The deadline for submission is February 24, 2006, at 4:00 p.m. Submission is required as part of the distance learning equipment grant. This report was prepared to evaluate the alignment of the distributed funds appropriated through Acts 34 and 96 of the Second Extraordinary Session of the 84th General Assembly for compliance with grant assurances. A copy of the rule is available on the Department’s Website under Rules and Regulations and is entitled Arkansas Department of Education Rules Governing Grants for Distance Learning.

Please refer to the attached list in order to determine if it is necessary to complete this report.

Fax and e-mail copies will not be accepted. Please mail to:

Belinda Kittrell, Program Manager
Distance Learning/Internet Applications
Arkansas Department of Education
Distance Learning Center
601 Carnahan Drive
Maumelle, AR 72113

Additional information and assistance regarding the grant report 2 process may be obtained through an education service cooperative or from Mrs. Belinda Kittrell at the Arkansas Department of Education.


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