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Memo Number : FIN-06-065

Date Created : 03/22/2006


Co-op Directors

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Optional
Section:   Fiscal and Administrative Services - Dr. Bobbie Davis, Assistant Commissioner
ACSIP Deadlines 2005-2006 School Year

Regulatory Authority:

Contact Person:
Patsy Hammond

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The deadline for submitting amendments to the Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (ACSIP) plans and budgets is March 31, 2006. An amendment (1) increases or decreases the total amount budgeted; (2) adds a budget function code (line item) or budget object not included before; (3) adds staff; or (4) increases the amount budgeted for capital outlay.

An amendment is required for Funds Held in Reserve to be moved to the budget or for a change to be made in funds transferred between programs. Be sure that the amount in Title I to be carried over at the end of the federal fiscal year (September 30, 2006,) will not exceed the 15% maximum allowed. Directors Communications SI-02-059 dated May 31, 2002, states that beginning in the 2003-2004 school year, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) no longer allows waivers to the percentage limitation for Title I funds.

The deadline for submitting program adjustments to the ACSIP plans and budgets is June 30, 2006. A program adjustment (1) moves money around within the approved budget categories, but does not change the total amount budgeted and (2) does not add a new staff position, a new budget function code (line item), budget object, or change capital outlay.

Title I Fourth Quarterly Reports of Cash Distribution are due March 31, 2006. This report can be found in Commissioners Communication FIN-06-031 dated September 9, 2006. Title I funds are not paid until requested by the school district using this Quarterly Report. Be sure all funds being transferred to Title I are reflected in the Quarterly Report and that the transfers have been made by the districtís bookkeeper. If transfers have not been made as indicated on Notice of Funds Transfer, a new transfer notice must be filed indicating the true status of all funds.

The Title V Schedule of Payments can be found in Commissioners Communication FIN-06-032 dated September 19, 2006. Title V funds cannot be paid until requested by the school district. This Schedule of Payments must be submitted even when all Title V funds are transferred to another Title. This Schedule of Payments should be e-mailed to no later than April 15, 2006.

If any of the ACSIP federal budgets have cents in Funds Held in Reserve, an amendment should be made to move the cents to the budget. If this occurs in a Title I budget, move the cents to the district portion of the plan/budget. This keeps from changing the dollar amount per child set by the Title I Target Area Selection process.

For assistance with the Title I Quarterly Report of Cash Distribution or the Title V Schedule of Payments, contact Ms. Patsy Hammond at 501-682-4275 or Ms. Annette Carlton at 501-683-1243.

For assistance with amendments or program adjustments, contact the school districtís ACSIP supervisor or Mr. Ed Jones at 501-682-4373.


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