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AYP Data Pull 2006

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Janinne Riggs

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Under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation, all students are required to be tested. One component of determining Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for a school is affirming that at least 95% of the eligible students complete the assessment. To make that determination, the accountability system compares the number of students taking the assessment (regular assessments plus alternate assessments) with enrolled students.

The purpose of this memo is to define the process that will be used to determine the percent tested and to encourage schools to make any updates to class rosters and/or student data prior to the date information is extracted from the Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN) student information system.

Verifying enrollment data is extremely critical. Schools can run an IQ report 10-14 days prior to the enrollment pull and make any necessary corrections. All enrollment pulls for the testing dates listed below will be made on May 19, 2006. Corrections to the enrollment data will not be accepted after the May 19th enrollment pull.

Fields to be verified for accuracy include:
Student Identification Number (SSN),
Student Race,
Student Meal Status,
Student School Mobility Status,
Student Limited English Proficiency Status,
Student Specials Education Status and
Student Grade Level.

For students enrolled in Algebra and Geometry courses, the Course Number should also be verified. Discrepancies between enrollment information and assessment information in the listed fields will lead to an inaccurate percent tested calculation.

Eligible Students Grade 3-8 assessments are students enrolled on the first day of testing March 7, 2006.

Eligible Students for Grade 11 Literacy are students enrolled on the first day of testing March 8, 2006. To determine eligible students, NORMES will compare Grade 11 assessment rosters for 2005-2006 with assessment rosters from 2004-2005.

Eligible Students for End-of-Course Assessments are students enrolled in the following list of courses and are not repeating one of the courses and are enrolled on the first day of testing. To determine eligible students, NORMES will compare student assessment rosters for 2005-2006 with the rosters for 2004-2005.

Mid-Year End-of-Course Algebra I pull will be made for the first day of testing January 24, 2006.
End-of-Course Algebra I will be made for the first day of testing April 25, 2006.

Mid-Year End-of-Course Geometry pull will be made for the first day of testing January 26, 2006.
End-of-Course Geometry pull will be made for the first day of testing April 27, 2006.

Below is a list of Algebra and Geometry course codes that will be pulled for End-of-Course assessments:

Algebra I
430000 Algebra I
530010 ADE Approved Algebra I Honors
530020 ADE Approved Algebra I
530030 I-B Algebra I
530090 Core-Plus (1)
530120 SIMMS (1)
530110 ARISE (1)
530200 Second Part Algebra I

431000 Geometry
531010 ADE Approved Geometry Honors
531020 ADE Approved Geometry
531030 1-B Geometry
531040 Investigating Geometry
531070 Core-Plus (2)
531080 SIMMS (2)
531090 ARISE (2)
531200 Second Part Geometry 1

Districts not on the APSCN system should contact Larry Cunningham at 501-682-1828 or for file layouts.

Questions concerning AYP data can be directed to Janinne Riggs at 501-682-4219 or


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