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Date Created : 04/14/2006


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Section:   Communications - Julie Thompson, Director
School Donations to Katrina Victims

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Julie Johnson Thompson

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On the one year anniversary of hurricane Katrina's devastation along the gulf region, August 29th, 2006, a non-profit organization called RandomKid will be providing for the national media the amount of money that school children across the nation have raised for hurricane relief. Schools reporting to date have raised $5,234,727.88. The network stations of NBC, ABC and FOX, along with the Today Show Weekend edition, reported the numbers, as did numerous newspapers across the nation.

The organization is asking for schools to provide the amount of money students raised for Katrina relief. The amount can be submitted as an actual number, or as an estimate based on actual numbers. RandomKid would like reports before the summer break. It takes just one or two minutes to fill in the form.

Please connect to the following link to report money raised:

The hope is to include every school, from coast to coast, in the national tally. It will be great to have all Arkansas schools that rallied in this effort represented as well.

The mission of "RandomKid" is to help kids help others. The organization is not affiliated with any religious or political group. More about RandomKid can be found at

To date, the organization has heard from schools and school districts in 24 states.

Please help RandomKid to account for the total that school children across the nation have raised for hurricane relief. It is the organization's desire to empower children, and to make the nation proud, as all learn the great force of good that has emerged from the generous efforts of children.


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