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Date Created : 07/14/2006


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Type of Memo: Administrative
Response Required: Yes
Section:   APSCN - Bill Goff, Director
Average Teacher Salary Calculation for 2005-2006

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Contact Person:
Racheal Lowery

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Each year following the submission of Cycle 1 Reports, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) calculates average teacher salaries for each school district and charter school as well as the statewide average. The calculation requires information submitted by districts and charter schools on the Page 36/37 Reports, which are a part of the Cycle 1 Report due September 15. During the preparation of the 2004-2005 Annual Statistical Report (ASR) ADE discovered several problems that caused the average teacher salary for some districts to be incorrect. These problems were caused by errors on the Page 36/37 Reports submitted by districts and charter schools in Cycle 1.

In order to provide a better review process regarding the information used to calculate average teacher salaries, the attached spreadsheet has been created. The nineteen lines on Page 37 used to calculate average teacher salaries are shown on the spreadsheet and the accounting codes used for the expenditures on each line are shown on the second page of the spreadsheet. If the Male FTEs, Male Salaries, Female FTEs, and Female Salaries are entered on each of these lines, the spreadsheet will calculate an average salary for each position as well as the districtís average teacher salary for 2005-2006. It is hoped that this tool will assist districts in verifying this very important amount.

In order to provide the House and Senate Interim Committees on Education a preliminary view of 2005-2006 average teacher salaries, districts and charter schools are being asked to complete the attached spreadsheet and return it to the Arkansas Department of Education by August 7, 2006. This will allow ADE to compile the data and submit it to the Bureau of Legislative Research in time for presentation at an August 22, 2006, committee meeting. The report will be identified as preliminary and not certified by school districts. The Page 36/37 Reports submitted with Cycle 1 will continue to be used for the final calculation and reporting of average teacher salaries.

The completed spreadsheets should be emailed to Racheal Lowery at by August 7, 2006, in order to be included in the preliminary report. If a school district does not return a completed spreadsheet, it will be so noted on the preliminary report given to the House and Senate Interim Committees on Education. It is suggested districts compare the amount calculated for 2005-2006 with the amount shown on the 2004-2005 ASR to help determine the validity of the amount.


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