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Memo Number : COM-07-024

Date Created : 08/22/2006


Co-op Directors

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: No
Section:   Facilities and Transportation - Douglas Eaton, Director
Academic Facilities Partnership Program Project Construction

Regulatory Authority:

Contact Person:
Doug Eaton

Phone Number:
501 682-4261


It has recently come to the attention of the Commission for Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation that some school districts are beginning, or in some cases completing, Partnership projects prior to the initiation or implementation of all the approval aspects as outlined in the Partnership Program Project Agreement.

Districts are reminded that the Partnership Program is a cooperative program between the Commission and the school district to ensure the construction of adequate facilities that meet the minimum standards as expressed in the Arkansas School Facility Manual. School districts that choose to proceed with the construction of the Partnership project prior to the approval process being completed through the Partnership Project Agreement are running the risk of having these projects withdrawn from the approval list and therefore denied state funding. The Partnership Program is not a funds reimbursement program and the state is under no obligation to pay funds to the district for projects already completed under this program.

Districts are reminded to fulfill the requirements of the Partnership Program Project Agreement prior to beginning any stage of the Partnership Program. The Division of Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation is readily available to assist districts in all points of coordination dealing with Partnership projects.


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