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Memo Number : LS-07-030

Date Created : 08/30/2006


Co-op Directors
other: All Principals
LEA Supervisors

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Optional
Section:   Learning Services - Dr. Laura Bednar, Assistant Commissioner
Special Ed Programs: Tuition Reimbursement Program

Regulatory Authority:
IDEA (codified at 20 U.S.C.A. Sec. 1400 et seq.)

Contact Person:
Susan Branon

Phone Number:


The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), Special Education State Improvement Grantís (SIG) Goal Three addresses the recruitment and retention of qualified special education teachers. One objective of the goal is to provide financial assistance to individuals desiring to become fully licensed special education teachers and to teach in an Arkansas school district with a high proportion of less than fully qualified special education teachers.

The ADE is offering twenty-five new (25) tuition reimbursements, up to $3,500 each, to qualified persons willing to pursue or are in the process of adding special education licensure endorsement to a teaching license. Reimbursement for college course credit successfully completed in special education will be available for approved applicants enrolled in summer 2006 coursework and completion of additional coursework toward completion of hours toward special education licensure endorsement. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Resident of Arkansas.

2. Currently employed by or will work in a school district with a high proportion of less than fully licensed special education teachers.

3. Enrolled in a regionally accredited public or private college or university with an approved special education program taking a minimum of three (3) required course hours per term or semester.

4. Maintain a minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average.

5. Agree to teach in a public school in Arkansas in a designated school needing fully licensed special education teachers for one year for each year of tuition reimbursement received.

Persons interested in applying for the tuition reimbursement program for the 2006 summer term and through 2006-2007 must complete the attached application in its entirety. Incomplete applications will be disallowed. Mail the completed application to Ms. Susie Branon, 1401 W. Capitol, Suite 450, Little Rock, AR 72201 or fax it to Ms. Branon's attention at 501-682-4248. Applications must be received by September 22, 2005. Applicants will be notified of status relative to acceptance in the tuition reimbursement program by October 3, 2005.

Accepted applicants will submit a copy of course of study, grade report and receipt of course(s) payment to the ADE within 30 days of receipt to receive reimbursement for the course(s) taken toward licensure endorsement, and to be eligible for the following semesterís tuition reimbursement.


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