ADE Director's Communication Memo Form

Memo Number : COM-07-081

Date Created : 02/13/2007


Co-op Directors
other: Transportation Directors

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: No
Section:   Facilities and Transportation - Douglas Eaton, Director
School Bus Inspection Handbook

Regulatory Authority:
Ark. Code Ann. Sections 6-11-105, 6-19-101 et seq., and 6-21-112 (as amended by Act 1327 of 2005), Act 1979 of 2005

Contact Person:
Mike Simmons

Phone Number:


The Commission for Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation voted on January 12, 2007, to replace the existing School Bus Inspection Handbook with a more comprehensive manual. The new manual will be used by state school bus inspectors and school district maintenance personnel to determine mandatory repairs and out of service criteria.

A copy of the new School Bus Inspection Handbook may be downloaded from the divisionís website at

Effective date of the manual is February 1, 2007.


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