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Memo Number : FIN-07-053

Date Created : 03/19/2007


Co-op Directors
other: Child Nutrition Directors

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Optional
Section:   Fiscal and Administrative Services - William J. Goff, Assistant Commissioner
Distance Learning - Training CN Substitutes, One-Minute Manager

Regulatory Authority:

Contact Person:
Betsy Gore, Suzanne Davidson

Phone Number:


A Distance Learning Workshop will be held on Thursday, April 5, 2007, from 1:00pm until 4:00pm. The topic will be “TRAINING CHILD NUTRITION (CN) SUBSTITUTES.” Procedures for training substitutes and resources will be addressed. The training will include topics such as safety and sanitation, appropriate dress, working with other food service employees and understanding some basic rules for federal Child Nutrition programs. A panel of Child Nutrition Directors will share information on local district training procedures for substitutes.

In addition, an abbreviated version of “ONE-MINUTE MANAGER,” the Distance Learning Workshop originally scheduled for February 1, will be offered during this session on April 5. This Workshop will introduce three practical management techniques for organizing daily activities that can be applied to working in a cafeteria, at home, in a business, in a family or in life.


Please register for the Workshop directly with a cooperative by FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2007. Follow each cooperative’s process for registration.

The following sites will host this Workshop:

Arch Ford, Room 1, Plumerville - 501-354-2269
Arkansas River, Room 1, Pine Bluff - 870-534-6129
Crowley’s Ridge, Room 2 Harrisburg - 870-578-5426
Dawson, Room 1, Arkadelphia - 870-246-3077
DeQueen/Mena, DM Coop #1, Gillham - 870-386-2251
Great Rivers, Instructional Bldg., West Helena - 870-338-6461
Northcentral, Room 1, Melbourne - 870-368-7955
Northeast, Room 1, Walnut Ridge - 870-886-7717
Northwest, Room 1, Farmington - 479-267-7450
O U R, Room 2, Harrison - 870-743-9100
South Central, Room 1, Camden - 870-836-2213
Southeast, Room 2, Monticello - 870-367-6848
Southwest, Lab 1, Hope - 870-777-3076
Tri District, Fuller Admin. PCSSD, Little Rock - 501-539-0303
Western, Room 1, Branch - 479-965-2191
Wilbur D. Mills, Room 2, Beebe - 501-882-5467

Training will be cancelled at any site that does not have a registered participant by the deadline.


Handouts may be printed by going to the Child Nutrition webpage after March 27, 2007. Click on the following:
Monthly ADE Distance Education
School Year 2006-07 Distance Education Program
April 2007

For questions regarding “Training Child Nutrition (CN) Substitutes” content, please contact Betsy Gore at 501-324-9502. For questions regarding “One-Minute Manager” content, please contact Suzanne Davidson at 870-338-6461. For questions regarding site participation, please contact Barbara Smith at 501-324-9502.


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