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Memo Number : COM-07-111

Date Created : 04/25/2007


Co-op Directors

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: No
Section:   Facilities and Transportation - Douglas Eaton, Director
Public School Insurance Requirements

Regulatory Authority:
Act 625 of 2007

Contact Person:
Doug Eaton

Phone Number:
501 682-4261


Act 625 of 2007 amends Ark. Code Ann. Sec. 6-21-114. The law expands the responsibilities of the Commission for Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation and establishes their authority to determine the recommended minimum insurance requirements and to promulgate rules in consultation with the State Insurance Commissioner for public school property, boiler and machinery and all buildings, structures, facilities and business personal property owned by a school district. The intent of this law is to ensure that all public school facilities in the state of Arkansas are adequately covered to a minimum which will provide for the replacement of these schools, and components thereof.

Act 625 of 2007 requires the promulgution of rules by the Commission for Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation. The rules will be considered for approval for public comment at the Commission's April 30, 2007, meeting. The proposed rules will be posted on the Division website; http//

School districts are encouraged to review these rules and provide comments during the public comment period which will be established in the very near future.


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