ADE Director's Communication Memo Form

Memo Number : LIC-07-037

Date Created : 05/25/2007


Co-op Directors
Elementary Principals
Middle School Principals
High School Principals
other: Human Resource Dept.

Type of Memo: Administrative
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Human Resources/Licensure - Beverly A. Williams, Assistant Commissioner
School District Incentives for National Board Certification

Regulatory Authority:
Act 1060 of 2001 as Amended by Act 1083 of 2003

Contact Person:
Michael Rowland

Phone Number:


The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) offers National Board Certified Teachers an annual bonus of $5,000 for up to ten (10) years while the teacher serves as a classroom teacher, school counselor, vice-principal/assistant principal or principal in an Arkansas public school district. Some school districts offer additional incentives in the form of bonuses and/or six graduate-credit-hours to be added to the National Board Certified Teacher's salary scale.

Administrators are requested to review the attached list and confirm via email to Michael Rowland ( the accuracy of the information listed for the school district. Please also notify Michael if incentive information for the district needs to be added to the list. The confirmation email should also state whether the district acknowledges the National Board Certification by awarding six graduate-credit-hours or any other adjustments on the district's salary scale for these teachers. Please send all updated school district incentives to by June 29, 2007. The new incentive list will be posted soon thereafter.

This list will be posted on the Department's website as well as the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) website. The incentive list will also be used in various publications and presentations for NBPTS recruitment and promotion throughout Arkansas.


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