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Date Created : 10/17/2008


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Section:   Learning Services - Dr. Alice Barnes Rose, Assistant Commissioner
Coordinated School Health Tobacco Prevention Grant

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Contact Person:
Laura McDowell

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The Arkansas Department of Health Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education Coordinated School Health Initiative announces the opportunity to apply for funds to implement Coordinated School Health with an emphasis on tobacco prevention targeting students in Arkansas. The essential components of the grant are to develop programs within 4 of the 8 components of Coordinated School Health.

Those components are:
1) Health Education
2) Healthy School Environment
3) Health Promotion for Staff
4) Family and Community Involvement

The primary purpose is to implement Coordinated School Health and integrate tobacco within each component. Other purposes are to:
1)increase academic achievement through health programs, 2)improve policy and policy development,3)increase family and community involvement in wellness activities for students and staff, 4)enhance schools and communities through Wellness Committees to implement evidence-based health practice, and 5)collaborate with the private and public sectors for community level coordinated and sustainable approaches.

The funding will be for two years. Second year approval will be based on first year review and availability of funds. It is expected that the average award for the two year period will range from $100,000 to $150,000 ($50,000 to $75,000 annually)
Note: Funding levels and number of projects funded will depend on the state’s annual Master Tobacco Settlement payment.

To download the Request for Application (RFA), go to the Coordinated School Health Office website at


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