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Memo Number : LS-09-024

Date Created : 10/28/2008


Co-op Directors
Secondary Principals
other: Counselors of Public & Private Schools

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Optional
Section:   Learning Services - Dr. Alice Barnes Rose, Assistant Commissioner
2009 Arkansas Governor's School Nomination Packet

Regulatory Authority:
Ark. Code Ann ßß 6-42-106 and 6-42-108

Contact Person:
Ann M. Biggers, Administrator, Programs for Gifted Education

Phone Number:


General information and nomination forms are attached for the 2009 Arkansas Governorís School for gifted and talented rising high school seniors. Please read the information carefully. THE APPLICATION PACKET HAS BEEN UPDATED AND THERE ARE CHANGES TO BE NOTED. This Commissionerís Memo will be the only notification for Governorís School student nomination. PLEASE NOTE: Auditions will continue to be submitted by tape (VHS or VHS-C).

Completed nomination forms and materials from school districts, non-public schools and students must be postmarked NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 2009. Unfortunately each year some nominations are received after the deadline, and the students are not eligible for selection to the School.

Principals, headmasters, counselors and coordinators of gifted and talented programs are given a great deal of responsibility in nominating students. Schools are urged to nominate the most qualified students while keeping three things in mind: (1) nomination is NOT tantamount to selection, since there is a Student Selection Committee at the state level; (2) only the students meeting the criteria explained in the enclosed packet and WHO EVIDENCE A SINCERE INTEREST IN ATTENDING THE ENTIRE SIX-WEEK SESSION should be considered; and (3) disadvantaged students through economic, cultural or language differences must not be excluded from services by identification procedures which are biased.

Principals and counselors should notify all students under consideration for nomination whether the nomination is being sent to the State Selection Committee. ALL NOMINATED STUDENTS WILL BE NOTIFIED BY MID-APRIL by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE)whether or not the student has been selected to attend. The dates for the 2009 School are June 14-July 25, 2009. The location will be at Hendrix College in Conway.

Schools interested in having someone come to talk to juniors about Governorís School should contact the Governorís School at 501-450-1279 or 1-800-808-2944 or e-mail Ė The staff at Governorís School will make arrangements for this presentation. Additional information, including a short video, is available at


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