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Memo Number : COM-09-102

Date Created : 01/20/2009


Co-op Directors
other: Transportation Directors

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Facilities and Transportation - Douglas Eaton, Director
Periodic Bus Driver License Check

Regulatory Authority:
Ark. Code Ann. § 6-19-107(c)

Contact Person:
Mike Simmons

Phone Number:


Ark. Code Ann. § 6-19-107(c) states in part, “that school districts will maintain drivers records checks semi-annually.” The Division of Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation (DPSAFT) has computer access to the driving records database of all persons whose commercial driver’s licenses are coded to drive school buses.

Beginning in February 2009, periodic checks will be made of the state’s commercial driver’s license database to single out any school bus drivers that may have been ticketed for a driving offense or charged with any felony that may affect the individual's status as a school bus driver. Information regarding the individual in the offense will be forwarded to the superintendent of the affected school district for any disposition that is deemed appropriate.

To initiate the process, the Division is requesting an accurate list of all school district employees, either permanent or temporary, and non-district drivers under independent contract that drive school buses for any purpose for the school district. This list is not restricted to school district employees hired as school bus drivers, but applicable to any district employee who at any time may drive a school bus. This is a one time request and will be updated periodically as the school district or the transportation contractor hires school bus drivers.

School districts are requested to provide a list of the persons indicated above to the Division by January 31, 2009. The list should include: (1) employee name (as it appears on the license), (2) date of birth, (3) commercial driver’s license number and (4) employment status (district employee or contract employee). This information may be sent either electronically to: or faxed to 501-682-6308.


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