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Arkansas Bar Association DVD

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Lorrie Payne

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The Arkansas Bar Association Law Related Education Committee has put out a DVD entitled “A Level Playing Field: Why the American Legal System Matters to You.”

The set includes an award-winning DVD and Instructor’s Guide covering four core principles of the American Judicial System. The materials are perfect for Constitution Day and are ideal for civics, government, history, and other social studies courses. The Arkansas Bar Association will provide a local attorney or judge to present the DVD and a short program to local classrooms. The Instructor’s Guide is intended to facilitate the classroom teacher’s use of the DVD with a more in-depth look at the judicial system. The Guide contains background information concerning Article III of the Constitution and separate materials covering the four core principles of the judicial system discussed in the DVD. The materials can be consolidated into one class period or expanded to cover four or five class periods depending upon how much time the instructor has to devote to the topics. Each portion of the Guide also includes references to additional resources and discussion points, questions, or activities to challenge the students.

For more information about the program and the DVD, please contact Lorrie Payne at 501-375-4606 or e-mail


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