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School Flu Clinics Update

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Paula Smith

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This is an update on the school mass flu clinics occurring in collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).

A limited supply of the H1N1 vaccine has arrived in Arkansas. Pregnant women are having serious complications as well as the most complications with the disease. Children are experiencing most of the disease. Providing vaccines to children could help slow the spread of disease in the school and community. As a result for now, ONLY pregnant women and children will be given the H1N1 vaccine in a school clinic. The youngest students at the school clinic need to be vaccinated first and progress to the older students. For instance, if the school clinic is being held on a campus for ninth through twelfth graders, the ninth graders should be vaccinated first, then tenth graders and so on. As the supply of the vaccine increases, it will be available for all persons desiring the vaccine.

During a school clinic the seasonal flu vaccine will be available for anyone that desires the vaccine. Teachers, staff and administrators will only have to complete the ADH consent form for receiving the vaccine. If there is a need to photocopy the ADH consent form, it must be photocopied front and back on one page legal size paper, 8.5 by 14. The signature for consent is on the back of the consent form. If the consent form is photocopied on two pages and stapled, there is a risk the pages will become separated from the demographic information.

All consent forms, vaccine information sheets, and many other information resources can be found at the Department of Health website, and the Coordinated School Health website,


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