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Memo Number : COM-10-108

Date Created : 01/08/2010


Co-op Directors
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Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: No
Section:   Special Assistant - Dee Cox
Blue and You Fitness Challenge 2010

Regulatory Authority:

Contact Person:
Margaret Fizer

Phone Number:


The Blue and You Fitness Challenge is a free online physical activity contest sponsored by Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the Arkansas Department of Health. Blue and You Fitness Challenge is also a fun way to increase physical activity and perhaps enhance academic performance.

In 2009, 167 groups that included 16 schools across Arkansas joined the contest with 11,791 participants from 41 states. Participants 13 years of age or older, teens in schools, organizations or after-school programs plus coaches, teachers, administration and school staff members can participate through exercising 30 or more minutes per day (aerobic/cardiovascular focused) for a three-month period (March 1 – May 31).

Registration is NOW until January 31, 2010. To learn more about The Blue and You Fitness Challenge and the role/responsibilities of a Group Administrator (the organizer and administrator of the contest in the school or school district) or to obtain assistance in registering, go to the Web Site: and click the hot pink “Contest Information” button or e-mail: with questions.


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