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Memo Number : COM-10-165

Date Created : 03/24/2010


Co-op Directors
other: LEA Supervisors
PD Coord.
Special Ed Teachers
Instructional Facilitators
Teacher Ctr. Coord.

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Optional
Section:   Central Administration - Dr. Diana Julian, Deputy Commissioner
Special Ed: Improving Academic Success of Struggling Adolescents Grades 4-12

Regulatory Authority:
20 U.S.C.A., Section 1400 et seq.

Contact Person:
Ms. Renee Calhoon

Phone Number:


The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), in partnership with the University of Central Arkansas Mashburn Center for Learning, announces an opportunity for educators to participate in the Arkansas Adolescent Literacy Intervention (AALI). The AALI is a research validated methodology based on the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) developed by Dr. Don Deshler, contributor to Reading Next (, and the University of Kansas Research Center for Research on Learning (KU-CRL).

This professional learning opportunity, which includes on-site coaching and fidelity checks, will provide high quality professional development in the implementation of Learning Strategies (LS). Learning Strategies are Tier II and Tier III interventions designed to equip struggling learners, including those with disabilities, with the skills they need to succeed in a rigorous core instructional program. The Learning Strategies curriculum consists of three instructional strands: the Acquisition strand teaches students to gain information from written material; the Storage strand helps students organize, store, and retrieve information; and the Expression strand enables students to effectively communicate in writing. The Strategic Instruction Model has been clinically tested for over 30 years. Significant gains in achievement for students with and without mild disabilities have been found with fidelity of implementation.

AALI Learning Strategies professional development may be offered on site or regionally. It is recommended that a participant becomes a LS Certified Professional Developer in order to build capacity and sustainability within their school and district. The estimated cost is $1,000 per person. If you are interested in this professional learning, complete the attached registration form and email to


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