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Arkansas Heritage Road Trip Trivia

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Melissa Whitfield

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The Department of Arkansas Heritage and KATV Channel 7 invite Arkansas students in grades 6-8 to participate in “Arkansas Heritage Road Trip Trivia” online beginning April 14 in celebration of Arkansas Heritage Month in May.

The Department of Arkansas Heritage (DAH) promotes Arkansas Heritage Month each May. Heritage Month celebrates the state’s history and culture by highlighting a specific aspect of the Arkansas heritage. This year’s Heritage Month theme, 'Roads Less Traveled: The Enduring Heritage of Rural Arkansas,' recognizes the work of the Delta Cultural Center in Helena-West Helena, one of DAH’s seven agencies and the only one located in rural Arkansas.

KATV Channel 7 and DAH are sponsoring Arkansas Heritage Road Trip Trivia to involve middle school students in the Heritage Month celebration, to increase awareness of DAH and Heritage Month, and to educate the public about the importance of discovering and preserving the state’s cultural, natural and historic resources.

Teachers across the state are encouraged to have middle-school students answer and submit the Road Trip Trivia questions using the online form. Home-schooled students, 4-H clubs, Scouts and other youth organizations are also invited to participate.

The questions and submission form can be easily accessed by clicking on the Arkansas Heritage Road Trip Trivia icon located on the and home pages. The trivia questions will be accessible beginning at 8 a.m. on April 14 for one week. Prizes will be awarded to the winning student and classroom.

For additional information, please contact Melissa Whitfield at 501-324-9611 or reference the attached news release.


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