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Section:   Human Resources/Licensure - Beverly A. Williams, Assistant Commissioner
School District Project Director’s Annual Update Meetings 2010 Schedule

Regulatory Authority:

Contact Person:
Maureen “Mo” Harness

Phone Number:


The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Office of Teacher Quality announces the annual school district project director’s update meetings. Meetings will be held at the educational service cooperatives according to the schedule below. Information will be shared regarding rules, guidelines, policies and procedures for teacher and administrator induction and mentoring, Praxis III Performance Assessment, National Board certification support, and non-traditional licensure. Other important agenda items include updated project director responsibilities and the ATLAS online data management system for mentoring.

Attendance of the school district project director is mandatory. Project directors should attend the meeting scheduled at their local co-op. Other personnel (maybe new to this process) may also be registered to attend. These may include the district superintendent, the finance representative, or the human resource administrator.

Reservations for attendance are to be made through the teacher center coordinator at each respective educational service cooperative. For further information, please contact the Office of Teacher Quality at 501-682- 5535.

The schedule of school district project director’s update meetings (8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon daily) is as follows:

July 21 (Wed) – Great Rivers Svc. Co-op, West Helena, Patty Smith
July 22 (Thurs) – Northeast Arkansas Svc. Co-op, Walnut Ridge, Donna Harris
July 23 (Fri) – Crowley’s Ridge Svc. Co-op, Harrisburg Barbara Hunter-Cox
July 28 (Wed) – DeQueen/Mena Svc. Co-op, Kathy Heagwood
July 29 (Thurs) – Western Arkansas Svc. Co-op, Pat Yick
July 30 (Fri) – Northwest Arkansas Svc. Co-op, Beverly Davenport
August 9 (Mon) – Southwest Arkansas Svc. Co-op, Phoebe Bailey
August 10 (Tues) – Arch Ford Svc. Co-op, Carolyn Doyel
August 11 (Wed) – O.U.R. Svc. Co-op, Kim Fowler
August 12 (Thurs) – Northcentral Arkansas Svc. Co-op, Pam Brooks
August 16 (Monday) – Arkansas River Svc. Co-op, Carol Santucci
August 17 (Tues) – Wilbur Mills Svc. Co-op, Shirley Hooks
August 25 (Wed) – Southeast Arkansas Svc. Co-op, Marilyn Johnson
August 26 (Thurs) – Southcentral Arkansas Svc. Co-op, Debbie Cearley
August 27 (Fri) – Dawson Svc. Co-op, Beth Neel

August 31 (Tues) – Pulaski County *, Airport Holiday Inn

* Please note: the August 31 meeting is for Pulaski County Districts only.


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