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Memo Number : DIR-99-031

Date Created : 05/19/1999



Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: No
Section:   Central Administration - Dr. Woodrow Cummins
1999 Legislative Changes

Regulatory Authority:

Contact Person:
Theresa Wallent

Phone Number:


Please take notice of the following acts passed by the 1999 General Assembly. It would be wise to refer these acts to your district’s attorney for interpretation and implementation.


Act 852 – To Amend Various Provisions of the Teacher Fair Dismissal Act
- Where specified, “days” will be calendar days.
- How teachers are to deliver their notices to the school district.
- Who may receive the teacher’s notice.
- In the notice of nonrenewal, specific, numbered paragraphs are to be used.

Act 1581 – To Amend Section of Teacher Fair Dismissal Act Pertaining to Nonrenewal Hearings
- Describes how to accommodate the nonrenewal of teachers who are represented by a professional organization for the purposes of negotiation with the school district.

Act 1314 – An Act to Amend the Time Period in Which Noncertified Public School Employees May Request and Receive a Hearing to Appeal Suspension, Termination or Nonrenewal Decisions
- Employees are entitled to such a hearing within 25 calendar days from their receipt of notice.
- The hearing shall take place between 5-10 days after the request is received by the superintendent, unless the employee and the board agree, in writing, to a different hearing date.

Act 1498 – An Act to Amend Arkansas Code 6-17-208 Pertaining to the Grievance Procedures of School Districts
- Grievance procedures will include a hearing at the next regularly scheduled school board meeting, unless the parties agree to a different date.
- Employees may appeal a determination that their concern is not a grievance.

Act 1523 – An Act to Create the “Arkansas Whistle-Blower Act”-? Employees in school districts and state agencies are listed under the definition of the protected class of public employees.

Act 1589 – An Act to Amend Arkansas Code 25-19-106 (Open Public Meetings)
- Act applies to the executive sessions held by local school boards, as well as the State Board of Education.

Act 984 – An Act to Amend Arkansas Code 21-9-301 to Include Boards, Commissions, and other Entities of Local Government in the Immunity from Tort Liability

School Boards (Other acts that will specifically affect local school boards):

Act 1172 – An Act to Amend Arkansas Code 21-8-701 Listing the Persons Who Must File Financial Disclosure Statements
- All persons who are elected members of a school board or who are candidates for a position on the school board must file this form.

Act 898 – An Act to Require School Board Members to Reside in the School District From Which They Are Elected While Serving on the School Board

Act 1390 – An Act to Repeal Arkansas Code 6-13-616(c) Relating to Qualifications of School Board Members
- Repeals the provision allowing a person with residential property in portions of two (2) school districts to be eligible to be a member of either school board.


Act 1284 – An Act to Require Solicitors for Advertisements on School Calendars to make Certain Disclosures
- The solicitor must clearly disclose whether or not the school will receive any funds as a result of the solicitation.
- Violations of this act will be a violation of the Arkansas Code pertaining to deceptive trade practices.

Act 1482 – An Act Concerning Immunity for Year 2000 Computer Errors-? School districts and their employees are listed in the act, as well as state agencies and their employees.

Act 1579 – An Act to Create Community Truancy Boards
- Local school district boards of directors may create a community truancy board.
- Lists provisions.


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