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Arkansas Science Olympiad

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Patricia Szpila, Cabot High School

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Arkansas now has a Science Olympiad available to participating schools. The Science Olympiad is an international nonprofit organization that hosts a science competition. There are three levels of competition: Regional, State, and National. The Science Olympiad was created in 1983 by Dr. Gerard Putz and Jack Cairns to increase interest in science as an alternative to traditional science fairs. After successful trial Olympiads were held in Michigan and Delaware, the Science Olympiad began to grow. Fourteen years later, the Olympiad has members in all 50 states, totaling more than 12,000 K-12 schools.

The Arkansas Olympiad program, at Cabot Junior High School-North, has organized a state level tournament this year and hopes to have regional and state tournaments in the near future. The outstanding junior/middle school and the outstanding senior high team will represent Arkansas in the national tournament to be held in Chicago.

To participate, schools must join the national and Arkansas Science Olympiad organizations. A national membership fee of $60.00 covers the national fee and $25.00 covers the state fee. This entitles the school to participate in the state tournament and any other higher level tournaments for which it may be eligible. A school can enter a second team but must pay the above fees for this team. All membership fees should be sent to the Cabot School District: Patricia Szplia, Cabot Junior High School-North, Cabot AR 72023. Do not send fees to the national office. Each team may have a maximum of 15 members. Coaches' manuals will be sent to teams as part of their membership packages. Membership fees should be paid by December 1, 1998, to guarantee receiving materials in time for preparation of the tournament. For additional web site information:
and .

The Science Olympiad is a team competition patterned after track tournaments. The different events range from earth science through physics. The events range from hands-on lab tests to student-built machines, from outdoor events to paper and pencil tests. Schools compete with a team of up to 15 students. Although the tournaments are competitive, most events are team events that require teamwork, group planning and cooperation. The emphasis is on learning, participation, interaction, having fun and developing team spirit. Tournament events are selected from such events as Battery Buggy, Bottle Rocket, Mission Possible, Mystery Architecture, Naked Egg Drop, Nature Quest, Pentathlon, Propeller Propulsion, Reach for the Stars, Road Scholar, and many more. This year's state tournament will have 14 scheduled events for our first year. Next year the scheduled events will be increased. Medals will be given for winners of each event. Trophies will be given to school winners. The competition is organized for both junior high/middle school levels (6-9) and the senior high levels (9-12).

For further information call or write Patricia Szpila, Cabot Junior High School-North, 38 Spirit Drive, Cabot AR 72023, Phone (501) 605-8470.


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