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Memo Number : SI-99-050

Date Created : 11/09/1998


Co-op Directors
other: Drug Education Coordinators

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Optional
Section:   School Improvement and Instructional Support - Dr. Kevin Penix
Safe and Drug-Free Schools Allocation

Regulatory Authority:
20 USC 5962 (P.L.103-382 Sections 4011-4017)

Contact Person:
Rodney Himon

Phone Number:


The Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1994, Title IV, requires states to distribute 30 percent of available local program funds to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) that have the "Greatest Need" for additional funds to carry out drug and violence prevention programs.

Additional funds through Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities are available to Local Educational Agencies that demonstrate the greatest need. The amount of funds available for the 30 percent grants is approximately $1,078,185.93. LEAs can apply for funding up to the amount of $30,324.00. We will only fund 31 grants for the 1998-99 year. Please call our office at (501) 324-9747 to request a grant application. The 1998-99, 30 percent "Greatest Need" grant deadline is December 15, 1998.

To be eligible to receive the 30 percent funds, a Local Educational Agency must have applied for and been approved to receive a 70 percent base grant. LEAs that are participating in a consortium application for the direct 70 percent allocation may apply individually for the 30 percent "Greatest Needs." Applying for the 30 percent additional funds is totally optional. Please note that all grants received will be considered, but not necessarily funded. Only those grants that reflect the greatest need will be funded.

The following factors listed below will be used to identify the LEAs ranking the highest in need:

High rates of alcohol or drug use among youth
High rates of arrests and convictions of youth for violent or drug/alcohol related crimes
High rates of teen pregnancy
High rates of expulsion and suspension of students from school for physical/verbal fighting, weapons, etc.
High rates of reported cases of child abuse and domestic violence
High rates of unemployment
High rates of dropouts

A comprehensive local violence, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs education plan, budget and evaluation method will be submitted to the State Education Agency (SEA) for consideration to be funded. Funding decisions will be based on the over all quality of the Local Education Agency's (LEA's) plan and the capacity of a LEA to manage and expand additional grant funds.

If you have any questions about the grant process, please do not hesitate to call Rod Himon, Safe and Drug-Free Schools, Program Advisor at
(501) 324-9747.


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