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Memo Number : FIN-99-011

Date Created : 12/08/1998



Type of Memo: Regulatory
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Public School Finance and Admin Support - Ms. Patricia Martin
Student Transportation - School Bus Inspection

Regulatory Authority:

Contact Person:
Annette Berry

Phone Number:


State Board of Education regulations require that all school buses be inspected semiannually within a minimum interval of four months and a maximum of six months between inspections. It is recommended that the first inspection be made during June, July, or August. The Arkansas State Police "Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Report form" shall be used following this inspection. This procedure is already in place. The second inspection should be made during December, January, or February.

The Arkansas Department of Education will provide numbered windshield stickers for this inspection. These stickers will be sent in the weekly mail packets for use after the bus passes the inspection. The inspection standards may be found on pages 9-1 to 9-9 of the Administrator's Handbook for Safe School Transportation. A mechanic of your choice may do the inspection.

A data reporting form will be included in the mail packet for the mechanics' use. Please make additional copies if needed. Please return by April 15, 1999.

The number of stickers each school district receives is based on the number of buses reported in 97-98. Please call if additional stickers are needed.

Please note this memo will be sent out as a hard copy along with e-mail.


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