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Memo Number : DIR-00-005

Date Created : 08/16/1999


Co-op Directors

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Central Administration - Mr. Raymond Simon
APSCN/SIS Data System

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Contact Person:
James Boardman

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The APSCN/SIS data system has been redesigned and dramatically improved. Problems that have been resolved range from increasing bandwidth and server capacity to developing more concise data definitions. There will also be eight reporting cycles this year that should speed up the data submission times of some of the individual cycles. As we continue to work on the data collection process for school year 1999-2000, involvement of the superintendents and SIS coordinators at the local school districts is going to be crucial to the future success of the system.

The following issues must be satisfactorily addressed for the system to function properly:

The superintendent should carefully select the SIS coordinator, and this person should be responsible for either the financial or student data.

All district SIS coordinators, finance coordinators, and student data coordinators need to attend the APSCN training sessions in August.

ALL DATA FIELDS IN THE SIS SYSTEM MUST BE ENTERED. The data collection for discipline, retention, dropouts, bus, and facility will require additional time and responsibility. Several of the student status fields will be used for the new accountability system measurements and to determine program funding. It is very important that these fields are completed accurately and before the deadlines.

Submit employee information in October and February.

Submit October 1 enrollment data by October 15. Corrections will be accepted until Friday, November 12. After this date, changes to enrollment data will not be accepted.

Many of the reports have been revised and simplified for both LEA and Department usability. Improvements have been made to APSCN this year, and with the assistance of the superintendents and continued efforts of Department staff, we should have a more usable and informative data information system.


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