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Advanced Placement Grant Money

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Ann M. Biggers, Administrator

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The Arkansas Department of Education is pleased to announce the availability of money for the Advanced Placement Incentive Program, Act 929 of 1997. Again this year, there are four areas in which schools, teachers, and students can benefit. They are as follows:

1. Equipment and Materials Grants:

Included with this mailing is grant information for application of one-time equipment and materials money. This money may be requested for each AP course being taught in a district that has not already received money for that course(s) under this legislation (1995-1999). Pre-AP courses are NOT included in this segment of the Incentive Program.

2. School Awards for Exams:

The College Board will submit to the ADE by mid-August the number of scores of a three (3) or better earned by students on Advanced Placement exams. The Department will then send districts payment of $50.00 per score that must be spent on the school's Advanced Placement program. By July 1 of each school year, districts are required to submit to ADE a final report (will be sent with notification of your award) detailing expenditures of funds received.

3. Teacher Training Subsidy:

One-day and/or two-day conferences: Payment of registration fee does not need to accompany the registration form that is sent to The College Board. On the registration form under "Eligible for State Fee Payment," check the box by Arkansas, complete the form and submit. The College Board will bill the Department after the conference for teachers in attendance. (No room and board or travel is paid or reimbursed for one-or two-day conferences. Registration only.) There will be two two-day AP Vertical Teams conferences in Little Rock. The dates are December 5-6, 1999 (English, Social Studies, Spanish, and Art Studio), and February 25-26, 2000 (Math and Science). Contact the College Board (888-225-5427) for information concerning the February dates and Tommie Sue Anthony, UALR (501-569-3401) concerning the December dates.

Summer Institutes: Registration for summer institutes must be done directly with the college/university hosting the institute. Payment must be made in advance of attendance. Reimbursement will be made by the Department of Education and/or the college/university after the institute's completion. Any participant not showing or leaving before successful completion will not be reimbursed. Reimbursement forms may be obtained from the Office of Gifted and Talented (501-682-4224), on-site at in-state summer institutes, and/or from the supervisor of gifted programs at the education service cooperatives. Out-of-state forms must be obtained from the Office Gifted and Talented. (Travel is not reimbursed for in-state or out-of-state institutes.)

4. Fee for Students:

Fee Reduction: Using the income criteria as identified for the free and reduced school lunch program, districts submit a list of qualifying students to The College Board and the Department. No money is sent from the district for these students. Upon completion of the AP exam, The College Board will bill the ADE and payment will be sent directly to The College Board.

Economic Supplement for students taking more than two (2) exams: Students who are not eligible for the $45.00 fee reduction (mentioned above) but who are taking more than two AP exams, a $50.00 supplement will be paid by the ADE for the 3rd and subsequent exam(s). Example: Student A is going to take three exams and does not qualify for the fee reduction. The College Board Charges $75.00 per exam. Therefore, exam one would cost $75.00, exam two would cost $75.00, but exam three would only cost $25.00, because the $50.00 economic supplement applied. Total submitted by the school to The College Board for student A - $175.00. The College Board will then bill the ADE the $50.00 for Student A's third exam.


1. Toll-free number connects schools to AP services: 888-Call-4 AP (888-225-5427). The new toll-free number works the same as an "800" number to connect educators to AP Services at the Educational Testing Service where they may order publications or obtain AP Examination information, such as test dates and fees. In addition, the AP transcript service can be accessed by students who wish to have their AP score records forwarded to colleges and universities.

2. Getting Started and Registering for AP: AP Participation forms are sent to the principal or headmaster of all secondary schools in the United States and selected overseas schools every year in late September. The principal names an AP Coordinator who completes the form with an estimated number of students who will be taking AP exams and mails the form to AP Services. In January, AP Services sends the AP coordinator the necessary forms and procedures for ordering the AP examinations, copies of the AP Bulletin for Students and Parents for each AP student, and a copy of the studio Art Poster for each AP Studio Art candidate.

If there are any questions concerning any aspect of this program, please feel free to contact:

Ann M. Biggers, Administrator
Programs for Gifted/Talented
Phone: 501-682-4224
Fax: 501-682-5010


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