ADE Director's Communication Memo Form

Memo Number : SI-00-022

Date Created : 09/13/1999


Co-op Directors
Secondary Principals
Elementary Principals

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Optional
Section:   Central Administration - Dr. Woodrow Cummins
Textbook Selection

Regulatory Authority:
AR Code Annotated 6-21-401-413 repealed 1993 as amended by Act 333 of 1997

Contact Person:
Sue McKenzie

Phone Number:


School districts sometimes exercise the flexibility in the Arkansas Code by selecting textbooks and other instructional materials other than those on the state-adopted lists. When requests for off-list materials are received, the Department of Education negotiates state contracts with publishing companies. Once a state contract is in place, it serves not only the requesting district but all districts throughout the state.

An updated Off-List Listing accompanies this memorandum. This listing replaces the January 1999, listing.

In addition to the Off-List Listing, the attachments will include pages that provide updated information to the present State-Adopted List of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials (the red and gray vinyl binders or other binders you may be using). These pages cover substitutions of newer materials, price reductions and ISBN number corrections.

The attachments to this memo will be delivered to you in the next bulk mailing.


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