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Date Created : 09/22/1999


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Type of Memo: Informational
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Section:   Central Administration - Mr. Raymond Simon
Internet Filtering

Regulatory Authority:

Contact Person:
Wendy Brocato, DIS

Phone Number:


The Department of Information Systems (DIS) is inserting Internet Filtering into the public school system and selected state agencies. The system that is proposed is N2H2. DIS has done a great deal of research on different systems and feels that this is an acceptable solution. N2H2 has implemented a statewide system in Tennessee. The system will have a base filtering support that filters objectionable material from the Internet. This is a requirement to receive e-rate support.

This system will be operational by October 5, 1999 for all public schools. We ask that each school spend some time evaluating the system and assist DIS in selecting the final solution by January 1, 2000. If you have an interest in being on the team to do further analysis on the filtering system, please e-mail Ms. Wendy Brocato at with the person's name, e-mail address, school district, and phone number.

The system that is being installed will have advertisements on the home search engine. This will assist in paying for the service. If we find those to be unacceptable, then they can be removed. This is one of the issues that will need to be determined by the team. Other requirements of the filtering system will be that each school district will have the ability to tailor the filtering for their district within certain parameters. There must also be an "over-ride" mechanism so that a teacher, counselor, etc. can access Internet pages that the district would not want to be available to the students. This "over-ride" will be determined by the individual school district. Additionally, a school system will reserve the right to withdraw from the filtering system if they so desire.

The team will develop a method of updating the schools on the progress of the evaluation, the filtering project and of getting input from the school districts. I look forward to your support as we develop this necessary service within the state.


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