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Memo Number : SI-00-060

Date Created : 01/18/2000


Co-op Directors
Secondary Principals
other: Science Teachers

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Yes
Section:   School Improvement and Professional Development - Ms. Janinne Riggs
Lucent Global Science Program

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Contact Person:
Bill Fulton

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National Alliance for Excellence, Inc. is pleased to announce the 1999-2000 applications for the Lucent Global Science Scholars Program. Currently the largest science talent search in existence, the program represents Lucent's continuing commitment to educational excellence on the part of young people throughout the world.

In establishing an academic competition open to America's high school seniors, the merit-based program seeks to identify the world's most promising young scholars and to assist them in reaching their full potential on their way to careers in vitally important and rapidly evolving fields of information and communication technologies.

Fifty college bound seniors from the United States will be selected to receive $5,000 scholarships. In addition to financial rewards, winners will be invited to attend the Lucent Global Science Summit, which will take place in and around Lucent's world headquarters in Murray Hill, NJ from July 21-28, 2000. This extraordinary event will bring one hundred students from sixteen countries together with some of the world's most renowned scientists, theorists, and thinkers in areas of keen interest and key scientific/technological importance for the next century. In addition, winners may be offered summer internships upon completion of their first year of college.

Details concerning deadlines and requirements for entry are available on the application form. The application form can be found at:


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