ADE Director's Communication Memo Form

Memo Number : IT-00-010

Date Created : 03/16/2000


Co-op Directors

Type of Memo: Regulatory
Response Required: No
Section:   Information and Technology - Mr. James Boardman
Final Distance Learning Rules and Regulations

Regulatory Authority:
Act 1083 of 1999

Contact Person:
Belinda Kittrell

Phone Number:


Attached is a copy of the Rules and Regulations Governing Distance Learning. These regulations were approved by the State Board of Education, February 14, 2000. These rules and regulations are enacted pursuant to the State Board of Education's authority under Act 1083 of 1999. All previous copies should be destroyed.

It is the purpose of these regulations to set reasonable guidelines for adult supervision and the operation of distance learning in the public schools of Arkansas. These regulations shall replace any existing regulations or guidelines regarding distance learning. These regulations do not apply to professional development activities or courses meeting Arkansas Department of Education Rules and Regulations for Concurrent College and High School Credit for Students Who Have Completed the Eighth Grade.

Please see that this information is distributed to all appropriate school personnel.

The rules and regulations are available on the Department's Homepage, Click on the subheading "State Board of Education," then "Rules and Regulations," then "Curriculum and Assessment."


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