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Memo Number : COM-06-022

Date Created : 09/09/2005


Co-op Directors
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other: Assessment Coordinators
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Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Special Assistant - Ms. Janinne Riggs
Adequate Yearly Progress

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Contact Person:
Janinne Riggs

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Prior to issuing school improvement reports, schools are being given the opportunity to make corrections in the discrepancies that have been found to exist between what was reported in APSCN and what was reported on the student assessment identification sheet (ACTAAP).  These corrections should minimize the appeals that have been necessary in the past due to coding issues.

In order to facilitate calculation of the percentage of students assessed for the 2005 AYP reports, the ADE has requested NORMES publish the enrollment data for LEA review. Each LEA will have the following 6 data sets available for private review in E-Guide: 

Each data set includes 18 columns of data for each student. Two columns provide identification information (student name and ID #).  Eight columns provide the school and demographic information from the test (i.e., ACTAAP-student race, ACTAAP-FRLP, etc.). The remaining 8 columns provide the school and demographic information from APSCN (i.e., APSCN-student race, APSCN school number, etc.).

The MATCH_LIT05 and MATCH_MATH05 data sets include students whose benchmark or End of Course test (ACTAAP) demographic information MATCH the APSCN demographic information. These data sets are for review of information and comparison purposes, and do not require correction. 

The MISMATCH_LIT05 and MISMATCH_MATH05 data sets include those students with one or more demographic characteristics that DO NOT MATCH between the ACTAAP testing data and the APSCN data. These data sets are provided for schools to review prior to submitting corrections to the ADE utilizing the process outlined in this memo.

The NOMATCH_LIT05 and NOMATCH_MATH05 data sets include students identified by social security number in only one data set and do not have a matching ID number in the other data set. Students in this data set are separated into school systems by the LEA on the report. The goal is for LEA’s to identify the local student, and if so, provide a correct ID number. These data sets are provided for schools to review prior to submitting corrections to the ADE utilizing the process outlined in this memo.

A custom report button has been developed to provide a print-ready report that lists only students that need corrections. This report groups students by the type of data that is mismatched, i.e., students with mismatched race, students with mismatched mobility, etc. The Discrepancy Report 2005 button is available for download at . Click on Custom Add-Ins and scroll down to find the report button link. 

In order to correct for data entry problems in either the ACTAAP data sets or the APSCN data sets, the ADE is providing the following three attachments. 

Attachment I: Correction process 
Attachment II: Correction excel data spreadsheet
Attachment III:  Superintendent certification

The correction excel data spreadsheet and the certification are due no later than ten (10) working days from the date of this Commissioner’s Communication.  The information should be sent to:

Janinne Riggs, Assistant to Commissioner
Arkansas Department of Education
#4 Capitol Mall, Rm 406-B
Little Rock, AR 72201


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