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Memo Number : FIN-07-006

Date Created : 07/19/2006


Co-op Directors
other: Child Nutrition Directors

Type of Memo: Regulatory
Response Required: Yes
Section:   Fiscal and Administrative Services - William J. Goff, Assistant Commissioner
2006-07 Child Nutrition Reimbursement Rates

Regulatory Authority:
7 CFR Sections 210.4, 200.4

Contact Person:
Barbara Smith

Phone Number:


Reimbursement rates for the National School Lunch, Breakfast, Afterschool Snacks and Special Milk Programs that became effective July 1, 2006, are as follows:

Regular Lunches / Safety Net Lunches
Free $2.40 / Free $2.42
Reduced Price $2.00 / Reduced Price $2.02
Paid $.23 / Paid $.25

Regular Breakfasts / Severe Need Breakfasts
Free $1.31 / Free $1.56
Reduced Price $1.01 / Reduced Price $1.26
Paid $.24 / Paid $.24

Afterschool Snacks
Free $.65
Reduced Price $.32
Paid $.06

Please Note: The maximum student payment for a reduced price lunch is $.40, breakfast is $.30, and Afterschool snack is $.15. These rates cannot be increased.

Commodity Value: The commodity value per lunch will be $.1675 this school year. This is a reduction in the value per lunch of $.0075 for this school year. The estimated value of bonus commodities is not available at this time.

Safety Net

School districts that served 60% or more of the total lunches to students eligible for free or reduced price meals in the second preceding school year (2004-2005) are designated “Safety Net” districts and will receive two cents additional reimbursement for each lunch served. See attached list of districts eligible for these rates.

Severe Need Breakfast

Severe Need Breakfast rates are approved on a school-by-school basis after application is made by the school district. Any school in the district that served 40% or more of the lunches during the 2004-2005 school year as free or reduced price may be eligible to receive an additional $.25 reimbursement on all free and reduced price breakfasts served during the 2006-2007 school year.

The application process for severe need rates has been completed for the 2006-2007 school year. Please be sure that the person preparing the claim form for the district is provided the severe need approval letter.

Current Forms:

Enclosed is a copy of the following report forms. Please make additional copies as needed.

Claim for Reimbursement – The revised Claim Form has the new reimbursement rates for 2006-2007. PLEASE DISCARD THE OLD CLAIM FORMS. Instructions for completing the Claim for Reimbursement and the Claim Form for Reimbursement using Excel software can be found on the Child Nutrition website under the Forms button. This form prints best on legal size paper.

Daily Record Form – This is the form to be maintained for each school as listed on Schedule A of the Agreement. Participation figures, by school, are required for severe need breakfast reimbursement. This form may be modified if a local district needs additional information.

Cash Management Worksheet – All schools MUST complete this form or a district designed form that contains the information included on this worksheet. This is an Excel spreadsheet.

Edit Check Worksheet – This is the current form recommended for edit checks required by regulation. It may be modified to meet local needs; however, the comparisons required on this form must be a part of any form used. See attachment for Excel spreadsheet.

On-Site Review Form – Regulations require that each district (with more than one serving site) conduct on-site reviews of each school by February 1 of each year. It may be modified to meet local needs; however, the comparisons required on this form must be a part of any form used.


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