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Memo Number : SI-99-065

Date Created : 12/18/1998


Co-op Directors
Secondary Principals
Elementary Principals
Middle School Principals
other: Federal Coordinators

Type of Memo: Informational
Response Required: Optional
Section:   School Improvement and Instructional Support - Dr. Kevin Penix
Comprehensive School Reform Program - Request for Proposals

Regulatory Authority:
CFDA Number 84.332A

Contact Person:
Dr. Charles D. Watson

Phone Number:


The Department of Education announces a request for proposals for grants under the Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program (CSRD) program. These grants are intended to provide $50,000 per school to assist those schools with implementation of school wide improvement planning. Successful proposals will describe a comprehensive needs assessment of the school, identify one or more research-based reform models that address the school's identified needs, outline a plan for implementation of the model which include professional development, and describe how multiple resources will be allocated to support the school improvement process. All of these elements must be focused on assuring that all children, particularly low achieving children, will meet the State's content and performance standards.

Two filing dates have been established - February 1, 1999, and April 1, 1999.

The guidelines presented in the attached Request for Proposals (RFP) should be followed very carefully. The scoring rubric that will be used by the proposal review team is also attached as part of the RFP. Only quality proposals will be recommended for funding. No more than 28 schools can be funded with the resources available.

All questions about this program should be addressed to Dr. Charles Watson.


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