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Memo Number : IA-99-012

Date Created : 03/30/1999


Co-op Directors
other: Child Nutrition Directors

Type of Memo: Regulatory
Response Required: No
Section:   Internal Administration - Dr. Bobbie Davis
After School Snack Program

Regulatory Authority:
P.L. 105-336

Contact Person:
Barbara Smith

Phone Number:



Public Law 105-336, the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act of 1998 authorized reimbursement for snacks served to children through age 18, when they participate in programs organized to provide after school care. In order to receive reimbursement from USDA, the After School Snack Programs must be operated by a school currently operating a National School Lunch Program. The school(s) must also provide education or enrichment activities for the children participating in the program.


Reimbursement for the after school snack will be provided at two levels for schools participating in the program.
A. All snacks may be served and claimed at the free rate if at least 50% of the children in the school's attendance area are eligible for free or reduced price meals.
B. Snacks will be served and claimed at the free, reduced price, and paid rates if less than 50% of the children in the school attendance area are not eligible for free and reduced price meals.
Reimbursement may be retroactive to October 1,1998, if the school operating the After School Snack Program has the following documentation for each day snacks are claimed:
1. Approved Free and reduced price meal applications and the direct certification list of eligibles for the school participating in the After School Snack Program
2. Attendance records for each child participating in the program
3. Daily count of children participating in the program by category (free, reduced price, and paid) or total count if school qualifies for all snacks to be served free
4. Daily food production records that document the service of snacks that meets the snack pattern


Reimbursement may only be claimed for snacks served after the children's regular school day is over. Under no circumstances may snacks be reimbursed if they are served before or during the children's school day. Schools are not eligible to receive reimbursement for snacks served on weekends or holidays, including vacations.


Attachment #1 includes the snack pattern for the After School Snack Program. Note that there are three (3) age groupings, and these groupings only go up to the age of twelve. A pattern has not been developed for the older children. Portions for the older children must meet the serving sizes stipulated for children ages 6 through 12. USDA recommends that schools offer larger portions for older children based on their greater food energy requirements.


The requirements for the program are listed on Attachment #2, the Addendum to the Agreement Between School Food Authority and the Arkansas Department of Education. Read the requirements carefully. In addition, review the snack pattern and the reimbursement rates listed on the After School Snack Program Reimbursement claim form. If a school(s) within the district wishes to participate in the After School Snack Program, complete two copies of the Addendum to the Agreement and the Addendum to Schedule A and mail all copies to:

Wanda Shockey
Director, Child Nutrition Unit
Arkansas Department of Education
2020 W. 3rd Street, Suite 404
Little Rock, AR. 72205

One copy of the Addendum to the Agreement and Schedule A will be signed by the Director of Child Nutrition and returned to the school district. Please attach it to the original Agreement Between the School Food Authority and the Arkansas Department of Education.


Complete the attached After School Snack Program Reimbursement Claim Form. Mail or fax the completed form with the lunch and breakfast reimbursement claim form. Snack claims will not be processed until the Addendum to the Agreement Between School Food Authority and the Arkansas Department of Education has been approved and returned to the district. If a district plans to apply for retroactive After School Snack reimbursement, contact Barbara Smith and Wanda Shockey.


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